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Tapered Plugs - Click for Sample, tapered plug, t-plugs,Because they can function as both caps and plugs, StockCap plastic tapered plugs (or T-Plugs) have proven successful in a wide variety of applications. The tapered design naturally allows each particular size to fit into or onto a number of different diameter tubes. And, with sizes that range from an outside diameter of 0.116 inches to 4.620 inches and inside diameters of 0.053 inches to 4.540 inches, there is a T-Plug for every diameter tubing.

Of course, while these polyethylene tapered plugs are flexible in terms of being used as either caps or plugs, they are not pliable like vinyl materials. For greater flexibility,   consider our line of vinyl Plus Plugs or vinyl caps as alternatives. Made from a flexible vinyl material these caps and plugs provide a more secure fit than the rigid polyethylene tapered plugs. The vinyl material adapts as it is placed into a hole and as pressure from the insertion process is released, the flexible vinyl material expands inside securing a tight fit. Vinyl Plus Plugs are tapered and often easier to install. In addition, they do not crack, split, or shred in the way that many polyethylene caps and plugs will over time.

For more information on our vinyl caps and plugs, please click on the links below.

(Tapered) T-Plugs   Plus Plugs   Vinyl S-Caps
(Tapered) T-Plugs   Plus Plugs   Vinyl S-Caps
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